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Remember the Edsel? It was to be the Oldsmobile of Ford Motor Company, slotted below the Lincoln.

Mistakes in timing and styling killed the Edsel, and the marque is gone, and many know nothing about it

Well, just like the Edsel, bad decisions and fractured organizations are killing our automotive history - 
and if we are not careful, much of it will be gone too.

Help us protect our legacy!

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Why an Automotive History Preservation Society?
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The story of our automotive industry, as told through its historical records and artifacts, is a huge resource.  These materials can help revitalize communities, inspire educators and students, positively impact businesses, encourage tourism, and assist auto hobbyists, authors, and researchers.

Our history is valuable. Past achievements of the auto industry have always aroused curiosity, generated travel, encouraged hobbyists and attracted potential workers.

Much is disappearing. The knowledge from our past is eroding quickly, due in large part, because of the retrenchment of the industry. As such, much of our auto history is in danger of loss due to theft, unscrupulous sale, foolish divestment, and worse, benign neglect. Once gone, these materials may be impossible to recover.

It doesn't have to be this way. Many organizations can help in the preservation, but right now, efforts are fragmented or under-funded or unaware of others who could help in this endeavor. The Automotive History Preservation Society is working to bring the efforts of these diverse groups together to focus and harness their energy.

Grants are available. Our historical documents and artifacts usually qualify for federal grants to collect, inventory and preserve them. All that is needed is a cogent plan and a dedicated group to file the paperwork and then manage the process.

The Automotive History Preservation Society will help. We are about gathering together all the organizations and people who are affected or can benefit from the industry's history - and welding them into a powerful force to ensure that people all over the world reap the benefit of these rich resources.

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